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51 Drive-In Theatre

Class: •Theater

Location Data

Year Built:1953
Year Abandoned: 1993
City: •Broken Arrow
Photographer:Michael Schwarz

51colrsmNew Broken Arrow Drive-In Opens With A Bang!
Truck Falls Through Septic Tank
Broken Arrow Ledger, Aug 12, 1953

Broken Arrow’s new $10,000 Drive-in Theater failed to open on schedule July 31 because a large truck, loaded with gravel fell through their septic tank and couldn’t be extricated until the next day.

J. H. Rush, manager said “That wasn’t the end of our troubles,” he continued. “The next night a faulty connection caused several speakers to go dead and we had to refund everyone’s’ money. Now, however, everything is going fine and we believe we have ironed out all of the kinks and are looking forward to our formal opening soon” he said.

The theater is owned by Rush and Ken James. Rush is trying to find a place to live here before school starts. At present he is living in Tulsa. Mr. James is the former Francis Howard of Broken Arrow high school. They will continue to live in Tulsa where Mr. James is district sales manager for the Faultless Starch Company.

The screen was destroyed in a minor tornado (or as one of the Tulsa meteorologists would call it, a “gustnado”) in May 1993. Read More:


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