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Earlsboro, OK

Class: •Ghost Town

Location Data

Year Built:N/A
Year Abandoned: N/A
City: •Earlsboro
Photographer:AbandonedOK Team

Some Personal accounts of people living in Earlsboro taken from Ghosts Of America.

I live in Earlsboro and YES it is very creepy. The house i live in sits on a burned down hotel and i often find marbles and other burned toys of kids that died in the hotel. It is very eerie and there is a field outside my house and its scary as well. – A fellow resident Of Earlsboro OK.
Submitted by Kay/Hay/Jay

An old railroad worker is said to be seen lated at night on a rail car holding a lattern. Supposedly you can hear it creek by, and hear him humming a tune.
Submitted by Merit Whitefield

There’s not one thing out of the ordinary concerning Earlsboro, Oklahoma while the sun shines, but when the sun has gone below the horizon you might observe some scary things. The ghosts of this settlement don’t leave anyone unfrightened. People who have never stayed for a few days in this settlement will laugh and say it’s a pack of lies, but Earlsboro is jam-packed with undeparted souls just waiting to scare you.

The ghost of a security guard with a bullet hole in his forehead was noticed in the middle of Brier Creek screaming. The witness ran away right after she distinguished the spirit. Based on what the people who live here argue, this ghost is probably the undeceased ghost of a local resident who used to have a home here in Earlsboro.

The ghost of a guy having on an army outfit was seen at Audrey Crown Dam in the early morning hours trying to verbalize something. When the onlooker emerged the ghost ran off.


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