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Eighty Niner Bank

Class: •Commercial

Location Data

Year Built:1900
Year Abandoned: June 5th, 1987
City: •Coyle

This bank is located on Main street in Coyle, Ok. The bank is one of two original buildings on Main street that is still standing and still salvageable. The other remaining building is the former Iowa Tribe smoke shop. It is unknown if the tribe has any plans for that building. The bank building was the first in town to be built of native red sandstone. The new Mayor in town is set to close on the bank building on July 13th of 2010 and is gutting the inside and putting a new roof on it to stabilize the structure. The building has sat decaying since June of 1987 when the bank merged with Oklahoma State Bank opening a new location in town. The new location is quickly dying as well with only the drive-thru still in operation. The town of Coyle has been slowly decaying since the town flooded again in 1957 and the local railway that gave the town it’s life was closed. At the time of the 2000 Census the population was 350.


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