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 Post subject: Interesting U/E story - just in time for Halloween
PostPosted: Fri Oct 18th, 2013 pm31 1:18 pm 

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I copied this from a motorcycle adventure riding site:

In '97, my buddy and I were in a Photography class together. We were assigned to take some pictures of an older building with some sort of history, and seeing as how we had just started riding "street" bikes (our dirtbikes with license plates screwed on to the fender) we decided to take the bikes to complete the assignment. Most of the other group took pictures of the original city hall, or the courthouse in Lexington with the cannonball in it, or some other well-known, "fake" historical site in Kansas City. We decided to try something a little different. Something more exciting, something with some real history.

About 10 blocks from where we went to high school there was the second hospital ever built in KC, Christian Church Hospital. They started building it in 1914, completed it and opened the doors on October 31st, 1916. It was humongous for it's time. Five stories tall with a city block size open courtyard. Attached on the south of the hospital was a church, a funeral home, and a crematorium. The hospital was privately run, and catered to mostly the poor and returning servicemen who couldn't afford proper medical care. The hospital never (according to records, ) turned down a patient, and in 1919 actually became a state sponsored influenza center. Of course more patients died than lived during the flu outbreaks. In 1927 the hospital was bought from the federal government by Dr. Patterson, a local psychiatrist, to be used as a sanitarium. Treatments of day included using chains, cages, wet sheets, beatings, and ice pick lobotomies to cure the insane. For 30 years Patterson "cured" crazy people by turning them into vegetables or killing them, however, in 1957 Robertson himself had a complete mental breakdown. From completely healthy, to totally insane, overnight. After treatments failed, Robertson was given the old pick trick to shut up his ravings. The sanitarium was abandoned, and stayed that way for almost ten years before it was bought by the city to house the criminally insane. The city became very efficient (brutally efficient, some would say) at "curing" it's inmates, but after ten years decided the upkeep wasn't worth the hassle. The building was abandoned again and left to rot.

Which brings us to 1997. My friend and I thought the haunted hospital down the street from school would be a great place to take some pictures so we rode over there after school one day, parked the bikes in the courtyard, and started snapping shots. We ventured into the church tower, the crematorium, the electrical building. All creepy looking, but nothing out of the ordinary. The hospital, on the other hand, was a little unnerving. Just knowing that people had died in the rooms we were in had put us on edge. But we bolstered ourselves, told each other ghost stories were fake and ventured deeper. Most rooms we went in were depressingly empty, nothing left in them except peeling, moldy wallpaper and ancient metal blinds. In fact, in one room we went in we nearly scared ourselves witless by surprising a pigeon who had taken up residence underneath a set of blinds. The ruckus broke the silence in the place and actually ended up relaxing us a little after we got done getting back into our skins and calmed down.

That was, until we went up to the fifth floor attic. The area had become a dump for all the old hospital beds and medical equipment. The windows had long since crusted over with dust and mud, the light was minimal, the air stagnant and unmoving. The creepy feeling had come back with a vengeance. Nothing moved up there. Not me, not my friend, not the rusting beds. For minutes that felt like hours we stood there, trying to adjust to the creepiness. Each of us telling ourselves that ghosts weren't real, that there's nothing up here but some rusting beds and rotten medicine cabinets. After an eternity of stillness and silence we looked at each other and decided that it might be best if we just left. As we turned towards the stairs the feeling of being watched became ten times stronger and at the same instant a pile of beds crashed to the ground. We didn't stop running till we were on the bikes. In fact, we full throttled it back to the school, running stop signs and generally squiding it up the whole way.

The next day we developed the film. The pictures of the church and the electrical building, and about half of the pictures of the crematorium and the hospital rooms came out. The rest of the film was like it had been exposed. On both of our cameras. We unanimously agreed to not return and retake the pictures.

In 2003, the city sold the building to a developer who eventually turned it into a retirement community. During construction they went through four general contracting companies. No one could keep employees on the job what with all the ghost sightings and weird happenings. Eventually, the contractor and the developer decided to remove the fifth floor. After that, everything calmed down, apparently, there's been no sightings since.


 Post subject: Re: Interesting U/E story - just in time for Halloween
PostPosted: Mon Dec 2nd, 2013 am31 7:29 am 

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Cool. Thanks for sharing. I grew up in KC metro, for the most part.

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