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Granite, OK

Class: •Ghost Town

Location Data

Year Built:1896
Year Abandoned: N/A
City: •Granite
Photographer:AbandonedOK TeamBilly Dixon
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Granite is hardly a Ghost Town with a population of nearly 2,000, but we figured we would still make a post with some of the cool things we found.


Granite Quarry, Granite, OklaLocated in Greer County (formerly Old Greer County), Granite is situated six miles north and seven miles east of Mangum at the junction of Oklahoma State Highways 6 and 9. Lying at the southern base of Headquarters Mountain, Granite is known for its monument industry, farming, ranching, and the Oklahoma State Reformatory. Originally a part of Greer County, Texas, Granite became part of Oklahoma Territory in 1896 and Oklahoma in 1907. The population stood at 1,026 in 1907 and hovered around one thousand until 1970 when it rose to 1,808.

In the 1880s the area was home to cattlemen. A post office was established on December 6, 1889, and the town was so named because of the granite found in the nearby mountains. In 1900 K. C. Cox platted the townsite and sold lots. That same year, the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway brought rail service to the area, spurring tremendous growth in a matter of months. For some time Granite was the terminus for rail service, and supplies had to be freighted from there to outlying areas. Many early visitors came to the town to await the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Opening in 1901.
Reformatory at Granite, ca 1920
They stimulated the sale of hardware, lumber, dry goods, groceries, meats, and bakery goods. By 1909 the town had at least four companies quarrying red granite from Headquarters Mountain. In 1910 the Oklahoma State Reformatory was opened as a medium-security institution. At the turn of the twenty-first century its inmate population was 841.

In 2002 Granite began receiving water from the Quartz Mountain Regional Water Authority osmosis plant located between Granite and Lone Wolf. Granite’s population peaked at 1,844 in 1990 and remained the same at the turn of the twenty-first century. The Granite Enterprise newspaper, established in May 1900, continued to keep the local citizens informed.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: James Albert Barnett, “A History of the ‘Empire of Greer'” (M.A. thesis, Oklahoma A&M College, 1938). C. W. Gould, “Oklahoma’s Granite Industry,” Sturm’s Oklahoma Magazine 8 (March 1909). “Granite,” Vertical File, Research Division, Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City. Mrs. C. R. Higdon, “Oklahoma’s Granite,” Sturm’s Oklahoma Magazine 10 (August 1910).

Faye Jo Haynes and Glen E. Burkhalter

© Oklahoma Historical Society

Comecos Cemetery

“Just for the Fun of it”

Established in Wichita Falls, Texas by Dr. Dan and Eleanor Roberts. their interest in cemetery memorials, their keen observations and sense of humor lead them to create this unique attraction.

The cemetery was originally located at the Roberts’ home and veterinary clinic in Wichita Falls, Texas. Upon Dr. Roberts retirement and the selling of their property, Comecos had a stay in Iowa Park, Texas. Dr. Roberts ultimately made the decision that his “Cemetery” should eventually be returned to Granite, Oklahoma where all of the stones had originated.

This cemetery stands in honor of Dr. Dan and Eleanor Roberts, “Friends Extraordinaire”

Dedicated November 4, 2006 by Bill and Ellen Willis and Family.

Filling Station

On our way out of town, we couldn’t help but stop and check out this old Filling Station.


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