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Harjo Consolidated District No.5

Class: •School

Location Data

Year Built:1930
Year Abandoned: N/A
City: •Harjo
Photographer:Wendi & Amanda
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Consolidated District No 5 is located in a small abandoned town in Pottawatomie county known as Harjo. Harjo was an unincorporated community and had a post office established June 24, 1921. Mail service was discontinued on August 31, 1954.

Little is known about the history of the school. It was built in 1930 along with a residential house for the acting principal of the school. It sets on 5 hill top acres and includes the small house for the principal, a rock building used as the cafeteria that is still mostly intact, a storm shelter and an 8 classroom school with an auditorium and stage. There is an additional building that housed the restrooms and it is in disrepair. Also, there are the ruins of an old gymnasium that collapsed in on itself over a year ago. It is no longer, nor has it been for a long time, an Entertainment Center Spot, where athletes joined to play each other.

Recently the property was purchased with the hopes of restoring the buildings and using the property as a school for handicapped children. Unfortunately the funding to do so became unavailable and the future of the school is unknown.


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