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Lovell School

Class: •School

Location Data

Year Built:1922
Year Abandoned: 1955
City: •Lovell
Photographer:Billy Dixon

Lovell began as a Post office on May 22, 1889 while unassigned lands were opened for settlement. It’s original name Perth, was changed in 1906 to honor that man who settled and developed the town site, James W. Lovell. Perth, soon to be Lovell, became an agricultural trade center upon completion of  a railroad route connecting Guthrie to Enid in 1902, later to become Santa Fe Railroad. Schooling began in 1903 with a population of nearly 200. The Lovell school first met in a 16 x 26 foot sod house, a small frame building was built a few years later. At the time of statehood in 1907 the town had began to fill out having  a school, two grain elevators, it’s founding post office, two cotton gins, the largest blacksmith shop in the area, bank, hotel, lumber yard, and animal feed post. The town gained population and interest in 1926 when an oil boom hit in the near by town Roxana three miles northwest of Lovell. Foreseeing the future, in 1922 construction completed on present larger two room school house. In January of 1928 a fire roared through the east side of Lovell’s main street, destroying eleven businesses. Without insurance, the Great depression and World War II on the horizon, little rebuilding was redone.

The Lovell school held its lasy day of class on May 17th, 1955.



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