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Map Privileges

Originally maps on Abandoned Oklahoma were free, but because of vandalism to some of our locations, we decided the only way to protect the properties but still provide the responsible readers of our site a way to have access to this great resource was to charge a small, annual fee and record your contact information. So with your purchase of Map Privileges, you will have access to the Master map, as well as the maps on each individual location post. Plus, your contribution helps us pay the bills for hosting and server upgrades.

Which Access Level do you want?

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership gives you access to the maps for life. It is a one time fee and also gives you access to the KMZ file for download. You will. also receive a placement on our Hall of Fame Wall as a Favorite Supporter.

Your Name for our Hall of Fame

Members Area Log-In

Once you have purchased the privileges, we will perform a basic background check, and upon approval, you will be granted access to the maps. The approval process can take up to 48 hours, but usually happens within a couple of hours of purchasing… Your credit, debit, or paypal account will be automatically charged every year on the date your purchase map privileges. It is the sole discretion of and it’s administrators to either grant or deny access to the maps based on the information we gather about each applicant. AbandonedOK also reserves the right to revoke map privileges at any time without prior notice.

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