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Mount St. Mary’s

Class: •School •Residential •Church

Location Data

Year Built:1901
Year Abandoned: N/A
City: •Oklahoma City
Photographer:Michael Schwarz
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Even though Mount St. Mary’s isn’t abandoned, it does hold quite a bit of history. There is a whole floor that isn’t used, and, for lack of a better word and for our purposes, has been abandoned.  The 4th floor has been rumored to be home to a ghost.  “Yes there is a ghost, A little old nun lives up here,” Mrs. DeNegri said.  “She has been spotted a couple of times, but we never know when to expect her.” Kid’s at the Mount have stories of seeing the ghost.  Old bathrooms and old classrooms sit up there with desks from the 70’s, and old speaker’s that the school used to use.  There is only a couple of way’s into this floor, and one of which is one of the oldest running elevator’s in Oklahoma. One room even has the original ceiling!!





Mount St. Mary was founded in 1903 by the Sisters of Mercy as an all-girls school. The school became coeducational in 1950.

In 1884, five Sisters of Mercy, at the request of Bishop Theophile Meerschaert, traveled to what was then known as Indian Territory to establish a school for young ladies at the Sacred Heart Mission near Shawnee. When fire destroyed the school in 1901, the Sisters decided to relocate to Oklahoma City on donated land on a hill just south of downtown Oklahoma City, overlooking what is now known as the Oklahoma River. The cornerstone was laid on December 12, 1903, and young ladies arrived from across the United States to be educated at Mount Saint Mary Academy. The school building stood as a landmark, one of the few tall buildings in Oklahoma City (The yearbook says “For many years the Academy was the sole landmark on one of the highest points in the area now known as Capitol Hill.”)

In these years Mount St. Mary was a boarding school for young women, and it also served as a novitiate for the Sisters of Mercy of Oklahoma. In the 1910s, the school began admitting local young women as day students in addition to boarding students, and a rear wing including the cafeteria and auditorium was added in 1922. Mount St. Mary Academy continued as a novitiate until 1929, when the Sisters of Mercy of Oklahoma amalgamated into a union with a larger body of the Sisters of Mercy. During these early years when Mount St. Mary Academy functioned as a school for girls, the school graduated more than 270 young ladies, at least 32 of whom went on to answer a religious vocation.

For more info visit Mount Saint Mary’s Website



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