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NuWay Cleaners

Class: •Commercial

Location Data

Year Built:N/A
Year Abandoned: N/A
City: •Oklahoma City
Photographer:AbandonedOK Team
Geocache Available: View Geocache

Nu-way Cleaners was constructed around 1928 and stayed at it’s location during the entire life of the business. Extensive renovations were completed during it’s life, mostly during the 1930’s, as noted by the Art Deco architecture and details present still to this day.
Nu-way closed in the early 1990’s due to lack of business in the ever failing downtown area. In 2005 a community action program was planned for the useable space in the building. Opened for only a few weeks if that, it was to hold a thrift store, homeless advocacy groups, and aid for the surrounding poverty stricken area to the west of the downtown area. Lonely now and dark it seems as everything stopped one day, with machines, and hangers dangling from the drive through, ready for the next customers to arrive


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