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Pawnee Indian School

Class: •School •Residential •Government

Location Data

Year Built:1900's
Year Abandoned: N/A
City: •Pawnee
Photographer:Michael Schwarz •Mary Evans

pawnee_schoolThe Pawnee Indian School in Pawnee, Oklahoma, was one of many federally funded boarding schools built around the turn of the century for the purpose of assimilating Indian youth into white American culture. Since native children were considered too “slow” for advanced education, the boarding schools were actually institutions of vocational training, run by military style discipline. As far as I can determine, the official name of the school in Pawnee, which taught children up to the Ninth Grade, was the Pawnee Industrial School, but most people referred to it simply as Pawnee School or descriptively as the Pawnee Indian School or the Pawnee Boarding School.

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