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Pharoah High School

Class: •School

Location Data

Year Built:1927
Year Abandoned: Late 60's
City: •Pharoah

A resident in town says that this school was known as SpringHill High School. I have yet to find any record of it on the internet. The school closed sometime in the late 60’s. Inside the electrical panel there was some writing in pencil which had the electricians name, union, and the date of 1927. It also said he was called out to run the electric from Bartlesville because there wasn’t a local electrician. Toward the end of the pictures the are also pictures of the building next door. The two buildings were connected at some point in time after the school was shut down. The building that it is connected to used to be the old Levi’s sewing shop. It’s where my deceased grandmother used to work. You can still see the hooks and chains hanging from the ceiling that you would assume ran the extension cords for the ladies’ machines in the shop. This school is less than a mile off I-44 and North of the Weleetka Exit.


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