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Ponderosa Water Park

Class: •Commercial •Amusement Park

Location Data

Year Built:1980
Year Abandoned: 1984
City: •Oolagah
Photographer:Johnny Fletcher

This water park can be found in the small community of Oolagah, right off Highway 88. Oolagah is probably best known for being the birthplace of aviation legend Will Rogers, but is also home to this wonderful Abandoned Oklahoma place. During the 50’s and 60’s, the state was busy building lakes for water supply and tourism. Out of this massive project many state lakes were formed including lake Oolagah. This increased tourism in the area, and the Ponderosa Water Park was built. It was open until 1984, when a 9-year-old girl died tragically when she was sucked into a pump propeller, and then into an 8-inch pipe. The park still stands today, just as it was left in 1984, although the larger building is rented for storage.

Special Thanks to John Wiley, publisher of the ‘Oolagah Lake Leader Newspaper’ for his help researching this location.


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