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Preachers Wall

Class: •Residential

Location Data

Year Built:1938
Year Abandoned: 1990's
City: •Oklahoma City
Photographer:AbandonedOK Team

Owned by the Edwards family, Preachers Wall is one of the several homes in the Red Ridge valley. Preachers Wall was the home of Archibald Edwards and his wife Sarah. Judging by some of the material we found, our best guess is that the Edwards’ left the home in 1994.

Along with the great photos of this place, we have decided to add another feature to our site, and that is “Documents”. Below you will find some great materials that were left behind. Among the materials is an entire vacation log (not pictured). The Edwards’ were very organized and vacation time was no different. Archibald Edwards researched every potential vacation destination and typed up a brief description of each place. In another file folder, each state has it’s own folder, with plenty of fascinating pamphlets and maps. Below are some of the materials we found.


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