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Preservation OK Endangered Places

Class: •Commercial •School •Government

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Year Built:N/A
Year Abandoned: N/A
City: •Oklahoma City
Photographer:AbandonedOK TeamAOK Supporting Material

Each year since 1993, Preservation Oklahoma, Inc. has published a list of Oklahoma’s Most Endangered Historic Places. Abandoned Oklahoma and Preservation OK are partnering up this year to document these locations to help raise awareness. Lists over the past 16 years have shown incredible diversity in the types of sites and preservation challenges they recognize, and this year’s list is no different. Some sites on this list have been seen before and continue to need advocacy and attention. Other sites are new to the list this year, presenting new challenges to be met.

Each of the places exists within the bigger picture of historic preservation. When the lists from past years and from the current year are laid out, countless themes and categories, along with losses and successes, present themselves.

In recognition of this, we have attempted this year to highlight specific places that represent larger preservation issues. While several places on this year’s list are undeniably unique, many of them also could be found in dozens of cities and towns across the state, or even the country. While they have unique identities, they are part of a larger history, and also part of a larger challenge for the work of preservationists.

Hopefully, sites on this year’s list will gain the attention, momentum, and support needed to move them to the “Saved!” category on coming lists. More than that, hopefully this year’s list will motivate individuals and communities across the state to look at their own resources, whether unique or ubiquitous, and consider what there is to gain from preserving our historic sites.

Page Woodson High School

Chilocco Indian School

Tulsa Club Building

Hopewell Baptist Church

Atoka First Presbyterian Church

Midland Valley Office Building (Coming Soon!)

Quanah Parker Star House (Coming Soon!)


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