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St. George Church

Class: •Church

Location Data

Year Built:N/A
Year Abandoned: N/A
City: •Oklahoma City
Photographer:AbandonedOK TeamBilly DixonMichael Schwarz

St. George church was started by a group of Greek Orthodox brothers shortly after statehood. By 1921 they had raised enough funds to build a church at the corner of NW 8th and western. During this period there was great growth among the congregation. They had their traditional greek festivals which were open to the public during and lent and led many community outreach programs. The church thrived and outgrew its original location in 1983. They purchased a property in far northwest Oklahoma City and began construction on a new and larger church. With the move they removed all relics, stained glass windows and all Icons installed in the church at its construction. The old location is now owned by a development company. The rectory recently suffered a fire leaving half of the structure unrecognizable.


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