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Sunset Elementry REVISITED

Class: •School

Location Data

Year Built:1960
Year Abandoned: 1984
City: •Oklahoma City
Photographer:AbandonedOK TeamMichael Schwarz

Update! Sunset is now torn down!

Sunset elementary school was built in early 1960 and opened to enrollment in the summer of 1960. It was constructed to serve the overcrowded Ridgeview elementary in the east side of the Village. It is 19,000 square feet and has about 9 acres surrounding it. The OKCPS declared it surpuls in 1984 because of low enrollment. The City of the Village was given the opprotunity to purchase the building that year but did not. It is in fair shape and seems to be under some kind of construction.  Everything was painted white, but you still can see everything that was there before.


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