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Sunset Estates of Maud

Class: •Hospital

Location Data

Year Built:Mid 1970's
Year Abandoned: 2006
City: •Maud
Photographer:Wendi & Amanda

Sunset Estates was opened as a long term nursing facility in 1977 for medicaid and medicare patients only. There were 62 beds.

They provided many services to residents such as clinical laboratory services, dental services, dietary services, mental and social services and speech and language pathology.

In 1997 a Pottawatomie county judge found Sunset Estates (medi-plex) not guilty in a case filed against the facility.  The case concerned injuries a patient suffered when she fell from her bed in 1994.

In 2002 they were cited with 4 deficiency violations by the state fire marshal concerning smoke alarms, sprinkler system, faulty electrical wiring in the attic and fire extinguisher certifications.

By September of 2002 it had changed ownership four times.

In 2006, the facility was unable to secure funding through the states medicaid program and was forced to close its doors.


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