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The Lion’s Den

Class: •Commercial

Location Data

Year Built:N/A
Year Abandoned: 2001
City: •Langston

The Lion’s Den is located in Langston, Ok and named after the university mascot. The Lion’s Den provided adult entertainment for the students and people living in town. It appeared to have two separate bar areas as well as a kitchen where they served the “Fish Platter” and the “Pork Chop Thang” as you can see in one of the pictures. A local resident in a nearby town states that other than the Langston community no one really know what went on at this bar and that it was rumored to be a strip joint but was never confirmed until now. Documents hanging on the walls date back to December of 2000 and the pool table and video game cabinet both have tax stamps that expired in ’01. On the second level of the structure there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. One bedroom still contains a bed and many text books left behind to rot away. There are also many personal letters addressed to a woman that is assumed to have occupied the upper floor and attended the university. The structure is not safe as there are many places on the bottom floor that drop several feet to the ground and on the upper lever you can actually see through to the bottom level where the floor is beginning to separate from the walls. There is black mold all over the place as well as rodent droppings.


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