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The Savoy

Class: •Commercial •Residential

Location Data

Year Built:1909
Year Abandoned: N/A
City: •Nowata
Photographer:Billy DixonDavid LindeJohnny Fletcher

The Savoy Hotel was built in 1909 as a modern elegant hotel with 62 rooms. It was built to accommodate the many new visitors, workers, and businessmen coming to the oil and gas boom town of Nowata, Oklahoma. This year, 2009, represents her 100-year anniversary. So saving this wonderful structure from complete destruction is a fitting birthday present to bestow upon this year.

An oil well drilled in Nowata struck “radium” water at a depth of 1500 feet. Many people touted the health benefits of this water and thus the Savoy hotel added “Radium Water Baths”. So on February 16, 1916, J. R. Cruff started a Radium water bathhouse at the Savoy. The bathhouse had the latest and most modern apparatus with bathing experts in charge.
The mineral baths were good at healing for rheumatism, stomach trouble, malaria, nervous trouble, skin diseases, as said by the owner J.R. CRUFF. (source: Men of Affairs and representative Institutions of OK, 1916)

In the 1940’s it was the County Hospital.

Some renovation was done in the 1990’s and the building was used for events, dinners, weddings, and even for a feature film, “Possums”, in 1998.

But the roof began leaking a few years ago and soon nature was rapidly trying to reclaim what man had built 100 years ago.

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