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The Walcourt REVISITED

Class: •Residential

Location Data

Year Built:1910
Year Abandoned: 1992
City: •Oklahoma City
Photographer:AbandonedOK TeamBilly Dixon
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The Walcourt building was built in 1927 by architect Joe Davis and builder Charles G. Beveridge and opened as an apartment building by its original owner, H.E. Musson. The 9,378-square-foot, two-story red brick building was designed in a Jacobethan Revival style of architecture.

In 1982, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic places. At the time, it was described as “architecturally interesting.”

Inside we managed to find a few old slides that contained pictures of families and people living in the Walcourt. Here are the slides we found:

Today, the building’s windows and doors remain boarded up. A sign outside warns against trespassing. Beside the building is a vacant wood-framed house at 141 NE 13th St., which is enclosed along with the Walcourt building by a shared fence.

Below is an ad from the Oklahoman dated 01/29/1928.


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