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Tulsa Speedway

Class: •Commercial

Location Data

Year Built:1985
Year Abandoned: 2005
City: •Tulsa
Photographer:Johnny Fletcher
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Tulsa Speedway is a well known track in Oklahoma getting it’s roots at near what’s now Fair Meadows horse track. The first track was built at what is now the parking lot for the Fair Meadows simulcast center in the 1930’s. It was origionally built as a 1/2 mile track but was later shortened to a 3/8 mile track. Both configurations had a 1/5 mile track inside. The last year for the track in this location was 1973, where it then moved to where Fair Meadows is now. Hugh Finnerty was the origional owner (as far back as I can tell, as of 1979). The speedway was relocated to 66th street north off of Highway 75 on the outskirts of Tulsa in 1985 where it still stands today. Once the track moved they started the first sprint car program in 1988.

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