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Camp Red Rock

Class: •Commercial •Residential •Government

Location Data

Year Built:1946
Year Abandoned: November 2010
City: •Binger
Photographer:Michael Schwarz •Mary Evans

Camp Red Rock, a Girl Scout camp in Binger Oklahoma, has been around for numerous years as well as a good deal of astounding memories. Built in 1946 and opening in the mid 50’s, the camp was relatively small and could only hold a handful of girls. In later years more money was donated to the camp, allowing several new buildings to be constructed. Braniff Airlines, a business that closed in 1990, made a significant donation to the camp, hence the camp’s mess hall name, “Braniff Hall”

Camp Red Rock , as well as Camp Kate, an additional historic girl scout camp located in Granite,Oklahoma, were closed down due to the decision to merge all four camps in to just two. The decision was made to save money, and bring the overall girl scout community together into a larger camps. Both Camp Red Rock and Camp Kate were officially closed in November of 2010.

Currently the camp sits there all by itself in the little town of Binger. Slowly the two functioning camps are moving supplies from Red Rock and Kate.

WARNING: Camp Red Rock is now privately owned and guarded 24/7. They do have the power to prosecute those caught on the property. Also, the Binger Police also patrol the area regularly. DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION.


Braniff Hall – Named after Braniff Airlines, a business that closed in 1990.

Cheyenne Infirmary – Presented by Altrusa Club of Oklahoma City


Archery Range

Pool Area

Facilities and Offices

Horse Stables



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