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Cottonwood Manor

Class: •Residential •Hospital

Location Data

Year Built:1950's
Year Abandoned: July 1st, 2001
City: •Yukon
Photographer:Michael Schwarz •Mary Evans

Many people in Yukon, Oklahoma pass around several rumors as to the actual identity of the place.  Some say it’s an insane asylum; some say it was a haunted church.  Many kids today claim to know exactly what it is, but then again, they only go at night and assume the worst.  In reality, after digging through old files and asking the next door neighbor, I found out it was a nursing home for people with mental retardation and physical disabilities for Yukon’s community back in the late 1990’s. Once the health officials came in to “check” on how things were going, they found no one had been tested for tuberculosis.  Shortly after, every patient was moved to various other nursing homes, and Cottonwood was left alone with no hope.

A couple of years down the line a minister bought the property, in hopes of renovating it for use as a church.  He even posted a “Resurrection Life Church” sign on the outside of the abandoned building.  Of course, nothing happened, and many people saw the “Church idea” as a scam more than anything else.

The building now sits in the middle of Yukon vandalized and covered in unwanted graffiti.  Even though teens today want to have a haunting experience there every year, the true history will likely be forgotten along with the people’s memories.

This building is covered in “NO TRESPASSING” signs! DO NOT GO unless granted permission! The cops will be called!


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