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Norfolk School

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Location Data

Year Built:1922
Year Abandoned: 1958
Photographer:David Linde

Although the final graduating class at Norfolk High had only 5 graduates, the 11 room brick school closed its doors in 1958. The school grew up in wealth surrounded by a panorama of glistening oil tanks near Cushing. The school was built in 1922 in Payne County. The school has enjoyed a colorful record, heavily fringed in oil boom wealth of the early 1920’s. Oil strikes and an upsurge in rural population in the area created a need for a high school, and in 1922 a small, frame building went up. In 1925 a fire reduced the school to rubble, and caused the school to rebuild with a more up-to-date building. In 1926 they constructed the still standing brick structure with 11 rooms, gymnasium, auditorium, workshops and dressing rooms. The teaching staff was increased to seven, with a full time superintendent.  A full fledged athletic program also was inaugurated and special classroom equipment was installed. Norfolk soon became a school to be envied by its city cousins. Then with the passing of the oil play subsided, and the round-bellied oil tanks ringing the school echoed fading dreams and was closed due to financial problems and low enrollment.


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