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Shawnee Water Treatment Facility REVISTED

Class: •Industrial

Location Data

Year Built:1900's
Year Abandoned: 2005
City: •Shawnee
Photographer:AbandonedOK TeamMichael Schwarz

This water treatment facility sits on the property of the current water treatment facility for Shawnee. The property is over 100 years old, and is currently being used as storage. The facility lacked the proper gauges to read important levels of  flow, and a new facility was built in 1980 and eventually in 2005 the old facility closed for good. The facility has several pieces of historic equipment inside including original Nordberg Diesel Generators dating back to the early 1900’s. The current manager says he still has the original manuals to the generators in his desk. Currently, the old waste ponds are being filled in and the electricity has been cut to the old plant with no plans on reopening the out of date facility.


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