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Skedee School

Class: •School •Ghost Town •Theater

Location Data

Year Built:1916
Year Abandoned: 1967
City: •Skedee
Photographer:Michael Schwarz
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What happens when entire schools are forgotten? As is increasingly the case with the now abandoned school in Skedee, Oklahoma.  First constructed of wood in the year 1906, the original school was quickly replaced by a more sturdy and larger school building in in 1916, which was surely  the sign of a robust and rapidly expanding community back at that time.  Located northwest of Tulsa  and in the northeast corner of where two rural country roads cross, the Oklahoma town began to struggle and the population began to dwindle.  This began a sad rend that continues in the making, too. The 2000 federal census showed  Skedee to have a population of  102 people, 38 households, and 22 families residing in the town. This had dwindled all the way down to a population of just 51 by the time the 2010 census rolled around though.

Skedee school fell victim to the community’s gradual decline and the country’s transition toward consolidation over four decades ago, closing in 1967 as the educational systems of Skedee, Ralston, and Pawnee were all three merged together. To look inside the  remnants of the long deserted Skedee school one sees an entirely different view  that’s sadly is far more along the lines of the theme of decay and abandonment that’s running with ever more increasing abundance throughout our country and land.  Of all the pictures taken within this album, perhaps the one of the classroom best represent what remains of the school today. The shattered remains of a globe resting in the abandoned hulk of a school where the world itself stopped turning over 40 years ago.

So much time, so many people, so many memories and it’s all still there somewhere. If only in the minds and hearts of the ever dwindling number of Skedee school alumni and town residents that can still remember and recall them…


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