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Tulsa Club Building

Class: •Commercial

Location Data

Year Built:1927
Year Abandoned: 1994
City: •Tulsa
Photographer:David Linde
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This eleven-story building was designed by Bruce Goff. It was built through the joint effort of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce and the Tulsa Club. The club, which was founded in 1925, was the place to be for businessmen to make deals at lunchtime and show off their wealth at evening dinners.

The building has 11 floors, which were dedicated to giant dining halls, smaller dining rooms, dormitories for men staying overnight, an athletic facility and dozens of small lounges and libraries. The club also had a gymnasium and barber shop. The top floor, known as Sky Terrace, seated 100 people for special luncheons and dinners. At the time of closing, club dues were about $119 a month plus any extras ordered at the club. When it opened, the club charged a $50 initiation fee and $19 a month dues.

The club’s interior had Art Deco ornamentation including fireplace tiles. Built of Bedford stone, the original 5th Street entrance was designed with abstract detailing above the doorway. The abandoned club building still held old big machines. Surprisingly, they weren’t sold or donated like you would donate car or other things.

After speaking to the Historical Society and the Tulsa Library, I was pointed to a great archive of historical pictures of the Tulsa Club Building. Enjoy!


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